What Can You Expect From Your First Tarot Card Reading?

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What Can You Expect From Your First Tarot Card Reading?

Tarot reading is one of the most misunderstood practices around the world. Often associated with magic or psychic powers, tarot cards are said to possess some mysterious traits. However, in reality, tarot cards are simply a means for self-care for many people who have found these cards to be enlightening.

Helping people gain a fresh perspective of their life issues or offer clarity when making a decision. Previously psychics with special knowledge performed tarot readings. Over the years, with the help of tarot learning books and online tutorials, one can also read tarot cards for themselves.

But if it’s still unchartered territory for you and you are yet to experience your first tarot reading, this is the blog you should read today. From what to expect in your first tarot card reading to the myths of it, we have covered everything you need to know about tarot reading.

First, let’s take a look at history!

Tarot Card History

Tarot cards originate from 14th century Italy. The 78-cards deck of tarot has Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. Major Arcana are the trump cards representing life lessons, love, evil, and other major aspects of one’s life. On the other hand, Minor Arcana cards are the common card reflecting mundane everyday life matters.

Today, many online tarot card readers have made it easier for people to get their cards read. However, if you’re a private person and have a hard time opening up to a reader, you can also buy tarot guide books to learn tarot reading.

What to Expect in First Tarot Card Reading

If you have overcome the fear of tarot card readers and are ready to experience a reading, here’s what you should expect in your first time.

Don’t Expect Too Much

The first thing to expect from a tarot card reading is to not expect too much! You won’t be entering a room through a beads curtain, nor will you be welcomed by a mysterious aura. At the most, the lights of the tarot reader’s room may be dim to create a calming atmosphere. It will be quite normal and not something straight out of the movie scene.

Be Open-Minded and Calm

If you have finally decided to give it a try, then leave the preconceived notions about tarot reading at home. In your first reading, you’ll learn tarot in a new way, and you should be open to it. Let your reader walk you through the process, help you find answers, and offer a perspective. Keeping a calm and open mind will come in handy as you’ll get to absorb tones of new learnings about tarot cards.

Have Specific Questions

Instead of walking in the tarot reading with a vague mind, have specific questions reading. This can also be seen as setting goals for the session or what you hope to accomplish. Be specific like ‘where I should take this new job?’, “shall I move to the other city?”, or “is this guy worth marrying?” This will help your tarot reader to help you better and offer a clearer interpretation of your cards.

Be Ready to Give Answers

Your first tarot card reading will have a lot of questions and answers from both you and your tarot reader. While you’re taking your questions to get answers for, expect the same from your reader. You’ll be asked about your life, love, job, family, etc. This will help your tarot reader to know you better and offer an interpretation that resonates with you. Some readers also work intuitively; in that case, you need to see if you get the ride vibe from the reader.

Record or Take Notes

This one tip will be offered on almost all tarot guides for beginners. Once you pick up a card and then the next and so on, your tarot card reader will have a lot to say. All the information you get from tarot readings isn’t helpful if you forget it. Therefore, take notes or record the session to make decisions based on the readings later on.

Take the Positive Out of It

Tarot card has many benefits, including mental health benefits. If you feel overwhelmed or negative by the reading experience, chances are you are with a scammer who’ll upsell a cure to the curse in your life. In most tarot readings, your reader will facilitate you, calm you down, and offer guidance on your life matters. In the end, the tarot reading should offer you positives to take home, and you should do the same.

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Myths About Tarot Reading

Just like there are things that are supposed to happen in a tarot reading, here are some things that are purely myths and you shouldn’t expect.

A Magical Experience

As said earlier, tarot reading in real life isn’t like movies. There won’t be a psychic you’ll find in this age who’s dressed up in gaudy attire, speaking gibberish, and casting magic spells. In most cases, you’ll find an ordinary tarot reader in a quite normal setting.

100 Percent Accuracy

Tarot card reading is meant to offer you interpretation, guidance, and clarity, not an accurate future prediction. So don’t expect a hundred percent accurate predictions for your life. You may find two different readings offering two interpretations of similar cards.

Death from Death Card

Like most people, you must be dreaded of finding a death card in your tarot deck. This is another one of the common myths associated with a tarot reading. A death card means that the bad phase of your life is about to end, and it’s the death of a certain life cycle. If anything, death cards are good news.

You (Don’t) Need a Psych

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