A Guide to Improving Your Art Pieces to Promote Greater Sales

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A Guide to Improving Your Art Pieces to Promote Greater Sales

Changing your art routine can help improve your art style, making it more recognizable and unique. You should also identify your weaknesses to determine the skills that you must work on to achieve better results. 

Our in-house marketing team at Dollie Wrinkle aims to help artists promote their artwork and drive better sales. In addition to partnering with our e-commerce website, this guide will discuss effective tips on how to improve your art pieces and increase profitability.

Study the Theory of Colors

To become a successful artist, the first step is to learn color theory. That’s because color is an essential consideration when creating an art piece. If you don’t have much information on the color theory, you can work on its sub-topics, which include color psychology, color harmony, color mixing (avoiding muddy colors), color temperature, and color combinations (different palettes).

Regardless of how balanced or beautiful your art piece is, you can’t captivate viewers if it showcases disharmonious or muddy colors.

Focus on Value Scales

Value is a demonstration of the darkness or lightness of a hue. You can find a large variety of shades for every color, ranging from the lightest to the darkest values. Using different values creates a contrast that many people are visually attracted to.

For instance, light values will catch their attention to the highlighted areas, while dark values create greater depth and shadows. When creating art using a single color, you can learn how a range of dark and light values helps make a subject stand out.

Follow Your Favorite Artists

If you’re an aspiring artist learning how to find an art style, you should determine what you want your work to look like. You can do this by enlisting your favorite artists and studying them. To find inspiration for your art, explore their art pieces, the colors they use, painting and drawing techniques, and more. But don’t encourage yourself to copy their work. Rather you must focus on ways that make your work stand out among others.

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Sell Your Artwork Online

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