5 Positive Benefits of Listening To Music, According to Science

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5 Positive Benefits of Listening To Music, According to Science

Music is one of the most widely enjoyed art forms. While many do like to see paintings and galleries on occasion, in the US alone, 93% of the population listens to music regularly. It’s so unanimously liked that scientists actually explore why a very small portion of people don’t enjoy it.

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We deal in several commodities; if you’re a game designer, we can sell your children-friendly video games, and if you’re a writer, we can help you advertise books online. Music is something we’d always like to share as widely as we can. Not just for the sake of artist appreciation, but its numerous benefits.

That’s right. Music has benefits that have nothing to do with how fun it is to dance to (sort of), and they’re proven by science. Here’s why you should expand your audience from the basement to the country:

Stress Relief

When we feel stressed, one of the hormones our brain releases is cortisol. This tells our body that we’re stressed, which is why it sometimes manifests in physical symptoms like sweating and accelerated heart rate. Now we all know that listening to our favorite music can bring us comfort, but there’s much more to it than that.

Listening to music inhibits cortisol production and lowers the heart rate. This works similarly to how visiting online clothes shopping sites triggers serotonin. So while we might enjoy the music, the calming effect might be more scientific than psychosomatic. That’s not to say that it doesn’t provide a distraction from the source of our concerns, but it also triggers the release of certain happy hormones.

Music has also been used effectively as depression therapy, and unlike when you buy clothes online, you won’t have to worry about expenditure.

It Improves Memory

Listening to music or even just thinking about it activates a part of your brain that stores musical memory. Not all memory, but music in particular. Your brain is listening even if you play it in the background as you buy clothes online. This is why dementia and Alzheimer’s patients can sometimes still recall their favorite songs, even after severe damage to the hippocampus and the temporal lobe (these parts help you form and store long-term memory).

This groundbreaking evidence shows that music can survive amnesia and Alzheimer’s because they don’t affect the area of the brain that stores it.

The more you listen to music, the more you exercise this part of the brain. Furthermore, with this information, you can try to use music to make sure some of your favorite memories remain safely stored in your brain.

It’s Good for the Heart

Your favorite tunes can trick your parasympathetic nervous system into relaxing even in a high-stakes situation. This lowers your blood pressure and automatically reduces the threats to your cardiac health. Furthermore, if you’re someone who can’t help but sing along when you hear your song, don’t be embarrassed; sing louder!

Therefore, the next time someone asks you to keep it down; you should tell them that singing is a part of your healthcare.

Can Increase Pain Tolerance

Just when you thought music might just be magical, we’re here to tell you that there are no two ways about it. Patients experiencing chronic pain have seen positive results using music to support pain management. Since it triggers positive memories and stimulates endorphin production, it lifts the mood, automatically raising the pain threshold.

Of course, it’s partially due to the distraction, but you won’t get the same effect from buying eBooks online to read while you’re in pain.

Since it’s cost-effective and drug-free, it’s an excellent choice for people who might not always have access to medical attention.

…And Workout Endurance

Not to be confused with pain tolerance, your endurance for physical activity increases when you hear music. This is due to a combination of motivation, distraction, and the fact that music impacts how we perceive the passing of time. The increase is shown to be nearly fifteen percent.

This is a game changer for pro athletes looking to build muscle. When you think about it, it’s pretty natural. It’s hard to sit still when you hear a rhythm. The compulsion to tap your foot or sing along is innate. Music moves us, even when it’s not our favorite.

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