Reasons Why Artists Struggle to Generate an Income from Their Art

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Reasons Why Artists Struggle to Generate an Income from Their Art

Many aspiring artists who are determined to generate a steady income by selling their art pieces fail to attract buyers. Before you decide to pursue a career as an artist, there are some important factors you must consider, and look out for problems that could affect your sales. If you’ve spent hours of hard work creating an art piece and not even a single item has sold, there can be several reasons behind this. Regardless of how good your work is, various elements inside and outside your studio impact your sales. Here’s a comprehensive guide on why you can’t generate income from your art and how to fix this.

Inappropriate Art Showcasing Space

According to professional artists, how you show your art determines whether your pieces will sell or not. For instance, if you display your artwork in a gallery, ensure art enthusiasts can easily approach the venue. Find a clean, comfortable space and make sure your pieces are displayed well and have adequate light. If you don’t pay attention to these attributes, your guests are likely to lose interest before they even get a chance to admire your work. Another common problem is that your art doesn’t match the taste, style, or price preferences of a typical customer visiting the gallery. This makes it a lot harder to sell your art.

Ineffective Art Marketing Techniques

Choosing the most effective art marketing strategies is an important consideration when running an art business. If you fail to promote your artwork properly, people will never know your work even exists. Your social media marketing techniques must be as powerful as your art skills. If your emails don’t have the right call to action or the content you write isn’t exciting, you’re likely to jeopardize your sales. Moreover, if you don’t test your art marketing results, you won’t be able to generate income from your art.A simple fix to this problem is taking classes to learn art business skills and listening to relevant podcasts in the studio. You can reach out to our online platform for art showcasing and attracting more customers.

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Inappropriate Pricing

Pricing your pieces is one of the most challenging stages of the entire process. Setting the price too low means undermining the value of your work, while setting a higher price may prevent many interested customers from purchasing your pieces because of a limited budget.This problem can be addressed by ensuring that the prices reflect the expertise, money, and time you utilized to create the artwork. Follow the essential dos and don’ts of pricing artwork to sell all your pieces quickly.

Communication Gap With Buyers

Though reaching out to your customers is an effective way to promote your art sales, connecting with them only to sell your pieces isn’t. Make your customers feel that they have a connection with your art pieces by catching up with your current clients and meeting new ones. Staying for hours in your studio every day will only delay your sales. Not following the leads is a major reason artwork never gets sold. To build strong communication with your clients, opt for content marketing that promotes your art business. Pay close attention to creativity for art marketing if you want your followers to desperately wait for your next social media post or blog.

Neglecting Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the strongest marketing tools for artists as it allows them to showcase their work, reach potential buyers, and build a brand reputation without any upfront cost. But to ensure the success of this strategy, you must focus on creativity, quality, and consistency. The variety and quality of your videos and photos, frequency of posts, time spent engaging with all accounts, and the hashtags you use significantly impact how much traffic is generated to your website. Neglecting the importance of social media platforms and not creating a thoughtful plan will turn the algorithm against you. This will minimize your visibility and the ability to reach your target audience.

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You Don’t Have A Selling Platform or a Website

Though social media plays an integral role in selling your artwork, you cannot solely rely on it. That’s because if you have a smaller social media following, only fewer people will get to see your work. While some customers prefer personalized interactions, a large group of people wants to buy art without sending you a DM. According to research, over 73% of customers want self-service technology by shopping through e-commerce websites. Having your own website or a third-party online platform is an effective way to improve your visibility and professionalism and give your customers a more streamlined shopping experience.

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