What Does the Lover’s Card in Tarot Reading Mean?

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What Does the Lover’s Card in Tarot Reading Mean?

The lover’s card in tarot is the seventh Major Arcana card in the deck that represents unconditional love. The air angel in the card symbolizes both emotional and physical well-being. The air is connected to communication and mental activity—the secret to wholesome relationships.

Moreover, the angel above the couple on the card showers its blessings while reminding them of their spiritual bond. They appear healthy and happy in a beautiful, fertile environment. Here’s what this card means if you pull it out during a tarot card reading session.

Love and Relationship (Upright)

If you’re involved in a tarot card reading session because of your love or relationship, the lover’s card signifies the intense bond you have with your partner. However, if you’re single, you will likely meet your partner soon.

Career and Money (Upright)

Lover’s card in tarot represents a business partnership when it comes to career context. It demonstrates a partnership that will be mutually beneficial and that you and your partner work at the same pace. You may also romantically get involved with your business partner, but you must be cautious about integrating pleasure into business.

Moreover, a lover’s card in tarot also means you may have important career-related decisions. You must gather all the facts and act wisely to make an informed decision. Don’t be afraid to take on a new job if you get the opportunity, as this may be a great time.

Health (Upright)

A Lover’s card in tarot during a reading session in the context of health represents that you’ll get through any health issue with the right support. Your loved ones, including your partner or friends, may be the ones offering moral support. Moreover, you may have decisions to make about the course of treatment you choose, so take good care of yourself if you pull out this card.

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