A Beginner’s Guide to Tarot Cards and Tarot Reading Books

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A Beginner’s Guide to Tarot Cards and Tarot Reading Books

Growing and honing your tarot skills requires tarot book reading because the activity can be overwhelming for beginners. But with so many tarot reading books available, which is the right option?

Tarot reading books help deepen your relationship with tarot cards and their system. So while doing your research on your first tarot reading book, check out some of the most popular guides. Once you delve into tarot card reading, your bookshelf will have many more tarot books. This guide for beginner tarot card readers will discuss ways to develop their tarot skills and how tarot reading books can help.

Get to Know the Cards

Once you purchase your tarot deck, the next step is to familiarize yourself with all cards. According to professional tarot card readers, establishing a strong relationship with each card is important. But this can be intimidating because each deck comprises 78 different cards, which is a lot of information for beginners to memorize.

Tarot reading books make this easier by demonstrating the meaning of each card. You can pull a card from the deck daily and look up its meaning in the tarot reading book. This is a great way to get to know each card at a deeper level.

Prepare to Talk

Tarot reading is considered a tool that facilitates talking about different things. The activity is associated with mystical energy that causes people to open up differently. These deep conversations can bring changes among individuals, so tarot card readers must always be ready to talk.

This means you should keep an open mind and trust your own intuition. Most tarot reading books emphasize the importance of intuiting because that’s what makes tarot card reading so special. The ability to sense what an individual is thinking, feeling, or going through is what a tarot reading book helps develop.

Learn What the Four Elements Represent

Air, water, earth, and fire are the four elements that play a fundamental role in tarot card reading. This is helpful because many people already have an idea about the meaning of these elements. Once you combine them with numerology from 1–10, you can unlock the meanings of 40 tarot cards. Tarot reading books describe all four elements as well as their symbolic meaning and energy in detail.

Sit in a Space That Gives Positive Energy

When practicing tarot card reading, consider the energy of the place where you’re sitting. Make sure the environment around you is healthy and gives out positive energy. When it comes to clearing your headspace, you can meditate before every session so that you’re not preoccupied with your own issues and problems.

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Start Reading

Traditional tarot books and readers opt for a lengthy, ritual process of starting a reading session. But according to professionals, an important factor of this practice is doing what feels right. For example, some readers ask people to sit on the deck for about fifteen minutes before starting the session. If this ritual makes the most sense for you, then you can do it.

Every tarot reader has a personal process of starting a reading. Some readers get insights while they shuffle their cards and start talking to the individual sitting in front of them.

Never Panic

After hearing stories about the death card, many people will likely panic, but you must always remain calm. If the death card shows up, it doesn’t actually mean that the person is going to die. It’s more about their fear of death and change in life. But change can be positive, and death is an essential component of transformation. This means you can’t enter a phase of life without losing something.

Take Care of Your Deck

Professional tarot readers stress the importance of caring for tarot cards and storing them in a box or pouch. You must cleanse your tarot cards before every use because energy leftover from the previous readings and practices may affect your current reading.

Every tarot reading session also accumulates dust and debris on the cards, which requires cleaning. You can use crystals, smoke, sunlight, or salt for tarot card cleansing. Most of these practices are traditions that develop a more ritualistic space.

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Tarot Reading Books

Though you can create your own meanings from tarot cards, tarot reading books also help understand what each card represents. Tarot reading guides help readers become acquainted with the deck as they contain abundant information about the practice. The tarot deck you buy is most likely to have its own guidebook that interprets the particular artwork of the deck.

Once you make your own meanings for different cards, write your impressions and thoughts and compare them with the books’ interpretations. Professional tarot card readers believe that the process of learning tarot cards is quite extensive. So you must never assume you have received the final answer about every card. The beauty of tarot card reading is that there are several layers of meaning for every card.

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