A Holistic Guide to the Four Elements in Tarot Reading

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A Holistic Guide to the Four Elements in Tarot Reading

The meanings of four elements—air, water, fire, and earth—help tarot card readers evaluate an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Healers have explored that focusing on these elements is often helpful when looking for a course treatment that would best address your problems.

Every person is surrounded by these four classical elements within their environment. You can find many religions and traditions that incorporate the meanings of four elements in their practice. This guide will walk you through what each means in tarot card reading sessions.


The element of air represents pure mind, intellect, and analysis. Air is unrestricted freedom, free flow, and movement. According to professional tarot card readers, if your thinking ever stops, air will cease to exist.

Air is not an artificial instrument. Instead, it’s the basic principle of everything existing on this earth. So as long as you have life, you have thought, and without thought, no one is aware of their existence.


This element demonstrates grounding, substance, the foundation of life, family roots, and connection to the path of life. It’s a predominant concept you can find across several religious traditions. Earth is the fundamental source of life, so most civilizations worshipped it for giving crops grown on it. The ground you walk on demonstrates your psyche as a human and your identity. 


Fire symbolism in tarot card reading highlights conversion because everything that fire touches is changed. For years, fire has been used as a cue demonstrating the transformation of raw crudities into glorious, useful, and refined substances. Keywords used for fire symbolism in tarot reading include – transformation, change, energy, vitality, action, change, inspiration, passion, and action.


This element represents an emotional release, inner reflection, and intuition. Twenty-eight tarot cards in the deck have the symbol of water. Water has multiple forms ranging from bubbling rivers, and streams to seas and vast oceans. Though each of these water bodies carries a more specified meaning, in its simplest terms, water demonstrates nourishment.

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