The Art of Tarot

A fortune teller with a crystal ball and tarot cards

The Art of Tarot

What started as a deck of gaming cards has now evolved into a fascinating object used for various mystic rituals. People have usedtarot cards for thousands of years for fortune-telling or entertainment purposes.

Nowadays, tarot cards have also become an important part of pop culture, thanks to TV shows and movies showing some sort of witchcraft featuring crystal balls, trinkets and, of course, tarot cards. While these things are great for visual aesthetics, they have more to do with people’s lives than their cinematic depictions show. If you’ve always been fascinated by these cards and wondered how they work or where they came from, we have answered all your questions.

Taromancy – The Art of Tarot Reading

The art of tarot reading is referred to as Taromancy. It involves using a specific tarot spread to gain divine counsel in a situation. There are usually 78 cards in a deck, divided into two categories, i.e., 22 “major arcana”trump cards and 56 “minor arcana”cards. Each card has a different meaning, imagery, symbols, and interpretations.

It’s believed that the 56 minor arcana cards represent life’s trials and triumphs and tell about your present life. People seek guidance from these cards to manage or navigate their current life situations. On the other hand, the remaining major arcana cards uncover life secrets, offer karmic lessons, and represent a major life event. Major arcana is considered the core of tarot cards, and many fortune tellers only use those cards to base the foundation of their reading.

The Evolution of Tarot Cards

15th Century

Despite their mystical aura, ancient tarot cards were not created for any spiritual purpose. The first ever deck of tarot cards is known as The Visconti-Sforza Tarot, which belonged to wealthy Italian families. These cards’ intricacy and gold hues depict their value, and every card has a portrait of the family members. It’s believed that they used these cards to play a game called “tarocchi”in the 15th century. When it spread to France, they named these cards “tarot”.

17th Century

It wasn’t until the 17th century that these cards caught the attention of occult followers. They depicted that the cards have powerful inscriptions and offer more than just entertainment. Soon they started using them as a tool for divination and guidance and wrote books about them. A French illustrator and divinator changed the card imagery by adding elemental and astronomical features and named the deck “Tarot de Marseille”. Ever since, people started using them more for spiritual guidance and less for games.

19th Century

Tarot reading became widespread in the 1900s when it was mass-produced in English. The new illustrations on the cards collectively told a mystical story, and the deck was called the “Rider-Waite Smith deck”.

This century played an important role in the evolution of tarot cards because many occultists and illustrators changed the imagery to achieve different purposes. For example, the Thoth deck from 1940 represents various occult systems, science and philosophy. In contrast, the contemporary Morgan-Greer deck from the 1970s was created as a tool for self-discovery and self-love.  

Modern-Day Cards

The modern-day tarot cards known as the Black Power Tarot are minimalist and focus on the simplicity of everyday life. They are unlike historical cards, which were full of details, vivid imagery, symbols and signs. People believe these cards’ aesthetics represent the modern-day fear of clutter.

Debunking Myths about Tarot Cards

Manybelieve tarot cards are magical objects that can change their lives or predict their futures. The reality is much more complicated than that. You can never find a concrete answer from tarot cards; it requires focus, interpretation and contemplation. Tarot brings a moment of introspection for you, and if you understand it right, it helps you heal and navigate toward a path that brings prosperity and happiness. These cards help you look at your life from a different perspective and get the motivation you’re looking for. In other words, tarot reading doesn’t create your future; it just points you in the right direction.

There’s another misconception that you need to be a psychic to read these cards or consult one. Anyone can learn tarot reading with some practice and attention. People use them in different phases of their lives to access their intuition or inner wisdom. This helps them make better decisions and comprehend their feelings and emotions that they couldn’t before.

It’s important to note that these cards are subject to different interpretations, varying from person to person. For example, the Ace of Cups card could represent a new beginning for one person and inner peace for another. Fortune tellers and psychics ask about your life, feelings, etc., and interpret each card accordingly. Moreover, the interpretations also vary from reader to reader, the card’s position in a spread, the card adjacent to it, and multiple other factors.

How Tarot Cards Work

Tarot reading is more about intuition and less about fortune-telling. You need to access your higher self and intuition to get the most out of these cards.It’s believed that the vibrant images on the cards helpexplore your inner wisdom or subconscious. Using this, you manifest your life goals or make better decisions.

Some experts also say that you need to make contact with cards by directing your energy onto them; when done right, you’ll feel a pull toward a specific card that will depict your situation. You can think of tarot as a mirror that reflects your subconscious, helping you uncover deeper feelings and truths.

How to Get Started with Tarot Reading

Over the years, experts have cultivated various principles to help people understand tarot reading.Some believe that these cards can trace the universal energies and enable you to give meaning to them. Others believe that it’s all about projection. You project your concerns and questions onto cards and use your inner wisdom and subconsciousness to make decisions that you couldn’t make consciously.

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