Top Tarot Books That Will Help You Master the Cards

Preparing cards according to the best book for a tarot reading

Top Tarot Books That Will Help You Master the Cards

However you feel about tarot, you cannot deny how fascinating it is. Storied by pop culture and cloaked in mystery, nobody knows where the concept of tarot cards came from. The origin of the now-famed deck is unknown. Intrigued? You should be.

Dollie Wrinkle endeavors to raise awareness about the true benefits and purposes of tarot as they are in the twenty-first century. Use your deck to gain clarity in general or in a specific situation. Check out this post that explains how to read tarot cards for your relationship.

To learn how to do it yourself, we can recommend some of the best books to learn tarot reading. Once you truly appreciate the craft, you’ll be able to use the cards as a catalyst for inner growth. To be clear, even the very best book for tarot reading won’t teach you to predict the future, but to learn about tarot is to learn about oneself. Therefore, it might give you the reigns of yours, at least in part.

Here are some of the books for tarot beginners that we recommend.


“An Essential Beginners Guide to Psychic Tarot Reading, Tarot Card Meanings, Tarot Spreads, Numerology, and Astrology”

This book explores how the practice of tarot is connected to astrology and numerology. Although the origins of tarot remain unfound, its roots can be seen in cultures across history. There’s always been meaning and symbols assigned to things in nature, and each culture has its way of interpreting them.

If you purchase this book for beginner tarot, you’ll learn the importance of developing your connection with each of these.

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Tarot for Beginners, 2nd Edition

“A Guide to Psychic Tarot Reading, Real Tarot Card Meanings, and Simple Tarot Spreads”

This book is great for readers who are looking to buy eBooks online that will focus on tarot but give them a broad view of it. While it doesn’t go into much depth about the connections and history, it describes many practical techniques for using a deck.

We recommend this tarot-reading book to people who are just looking to explore the workings of the deck. You might find that you develop a stronger bond with cards by engaging with the deck using the hands-on methods described.

Tarot Cards

“A Beginners Guide of Tarot Cards — the Psychic Tarot Manual”

Think of this as a “tarot cards for beginners” book. A simple how-to that’ll get you started with your cards but not overwhelm you with multiple techniques or schools of thought. Tarot cards enable you to see possibilities. This author has a deep-rooted passion for the subject and explains and discusses the sacred bond between a reader and their deck. Also provided in the book is a list of websites to purchase decks and simple ways to shuffle.


“Beginner’s Guide to Learn the Secrets of Witchcraft, Psychic Tarot Reading, Tarot Spreads, Card Meanings, History, Symbolism, Intuition, and Divination”

This book is a lot more detailed. It’s a deep study of the history of tarot and its connection to humanity and Wiccan culture. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, you’ll undoubtedly have plenty to learn from this book. Since the information is broken down simply enough for a layperson to understand, although it’s long, you’ll be through it in no time.

All of this makes it one of the best tarot books of all time, no matter where you are in your journey.

When Should You Perform Tarot Card Readings?

There are no restrictions about when you should and shouldn’t practice tarot card readings, but there are certain times when they might help you move things along. For example:

When You’re at a Crossroads

It’s truly incredible how the tarot cards can help snap your priorities back into focus. You might pull a card that points you toward one option and suddenly feel sure that you want the other. Alternatively, you’ll choose a card that reminds you of the mindset that you should be using to make this decision. As all the best tarot guide books will tell you, ultimately, only you need to be at peace with your decisions. This is why this is the time to be connecting with your spirit.

When You Feel Emotionally Stifled

The cards can draw your focus to why you’re feeling so stuck. The problem might be that you know exactly how you feel about something, but it’s easier for you to ignore it than to deal with it. The cards you draw may prompt you to explore why your subconscious prefers to remain where it is rather than move forward.

For Inspiration

Tarot cards tend to have beautiful art on them, and since they contain so much meaning and symbolism, you’d be hard-pressed to find a card that doesn’t inspire you. Even more than paintings and galleries, tarot can help you bring the subconscious mind to the forefront. Think of the card you draw as a mirror, and consider what parts of yourself you see and what they bring to mind.

That’s exactly why at Dollie Wrinkle, we have a section just for the tarot reading guidebook. With so much myth and legend surrounding them, it’s easy for people to brush it off as a carnival trick or an activity for sleepovers. What makes us one of the best websites to buy eBooks about tarot is that we stick to books that explain the history and meaning behind tarot instead of trying to invent more mystery.

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