Advantages of EBooks Over Printed Books

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Advantages of EBooks Over Printed Books

Digital vs Print. When it comes to books, this debate is already a few decades old, and it’s likely going to be several years before either side has the final say in the matter. But we’re not here to decide the battle for you, just to offer a little perspective as both sides compete for the top spot.

Many technology trends come and go, but it seems as though e-books are here to stay. In 2021, E-books became a billion dollar industry in the USA. They’re not exactly a novelty, either. This statistic marks the 50-year anniversary of the first official e-book: a digital version of the Declaration of Independence typed out by Michael Hart on a computer at the University of Illinois.

So, now that you know a little more about the quirky history of this format, let’s dive into the advantages of E-books over print books

E-Books are (Usually) Cheaper

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Books aren’t cheap. Apart from the author’s royalties, books need to pay for publishing overheads too. What e-books do over printed books, though, is cut out the printing and paper cost.

Also, while people obviously purchase and sell e-books online, they might still turn to physical bookstores to buy print books, which brings an added cost as brick-and-mortar stores charge for their own operations and profit too.

E-Books are (Much) More Portable

This one’s relatively easy to understand. If you’re moving house or just generally traveling a lot, e-books are easily the more convenient and sensible option. Whether you’ve purchased a dedicated e-reader or you’re using your laptop or mobile device, you can carry thousands of e-books with you wherever you go.

They’re also less conspicuous. If it’s a slow work day, but you still need to look busy, you could just read on the electronic device you usually work on, and no one would know the difference.

E-Books Are Accessible

While reading a print book, if the font is too small or the typeset doesn’t work for you, there isn’t much you can do about it. E-books, however, carry accessibility features that allow you to zoom in, adjust the font size and page size, and make all the adjustments you need to make them easy on the eyes.

Plus, you can read in the dark! Which might easily be one of the biggest advantages of e-books over print books.

E-Books are Cheaper (To Publish)

We’ve already talked about how they’re more economical to purchase, but e-books also make it easier to self-publish. Around 30–34% of all e-books are self-published—and this makes sense! Without having to go through a publisher or a distributor, most of what self-publishing comes down to is writing your book and then selling the e-book online.

This removes the financial and logistical barrier of being published, allowing you to live your author dreams without worrying about landing a book deal.

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